• Sylvan Set

    The Sylvan Set embodies a love for the forest with its whimsical loops and swirls that are evocative of leafy vines trailing down from trees. This two-piece set, consisting of a pendant and earrings, is cleverly crafted from silver to give the pieces a vintage look. Accentuating the pieces are gemstones of blue topaz and raw apatite, their luminous colour reflecting clear blue skies. The refined grace of the set can complement a variety of outfits and moods.


    In mythology, Sylvans were the spiritual guardians of the forest, keeping watch over the woods and protecting it with their lives. Some even made their homes within the trees they were sworn to protect. Their love for all living creatures, as well as the plants and trees around them, helped keep the forests safe.

    Pendant : Silver 925/-, blue Topaz, raw Apatite, 12.68 g; silver 925/- chain
    Earrings : Silver 925/-, blue Topaz, raw Apatite, 11.62 g